The new World Health Organization Classification of Head and Neck tumours was finally released this year, and is available for purchase online. This concise reference book provides an international standard and primordial reading for head and neck professionals such as surgeons and pathologists. Like the edition before, this book will be an indispensable guide in the design of studies evaluating response to therapy and clinical outcome. The book, was prepared by 135 authors from 35 countries, contains more than 600 colour images, tables, and more than 2700 references. 
The U.S food and Drug administration announced on March, 2016. A ban for most powdered gloves in the United States. The reason for this action is for a substantial risk of illnes or injury to health care providers, patients and other individuals who are exposed. The ban is proposed to be applied to those used as "surgeon's glove" and examination gloves. The presence of the powder is for lubricating purposes to help make it easier for the professional to puth them on and take them off, however, can carry proteins that may cause respiratory allergic reactions. 
Carl Misch, DDS, MDS, PhD, died on January 4 at the age of 70. Many friends, students and colleagues around the world moans his lost, still during the new year eve celebrations members from the Misch Implant Institute and closest friends informed the world about this terrible lost. He will be remembered for his legacy. 
Borned in the United States, November 17, 1947, was an American prosthodontist considered one of the most important persons who contributed in the field of implant dentistry. 
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